Symphony Orchestra & Wind Symphony

Audition Information


All prospective ensemble members must audition, regardless of prior ensemble membership.

* Music majors, minors and students on a music scholarship whose principal instrument is a string, woodwind, brass or percussion instrument must take part in these auditions and will be placed in one or both ensembles at the discretion of the music directors. For wind and percussion musicians, it is normal to be placed in both ensembles.  In some cases, students will perform in only one or the other, at the discretion of ensemble conductors and applied faculty.

* Non-major/non-scholarship students and others may elect to audition for one or both ensembles.

Audition Information

Auditions for Spring 2015 membership will be held Monday January 19, 2015 in Schmucker Hall. 

  • Woodwind, brass and percussion auditions will be from 4-6pm, and will be located as follows:
  • Brass in the Recital Hall
  • Flutes and oboes in Room 203
  • Clarinets and bassoons in Room 206
  • Percussion and saxophones in Room 119
  • String auditions will be 4-6pm and 7-9pm and will take place in Room 302. Between 4-6pm priority will be given to violins and between 7-9pm priority will given to violas, cellos and basses.
  • A sign-up sheet with audition times will be posted outside of the Conservatory Office the week before classes resumes. Please come by if you would like to sign up for a specific time in advance. 


Auditionees should prepare two excerpts from the list below and major and minor scales. The performance excerpts are listed below. If only two excerpts are listed for your instrument you must prepare both excerpts; if more than two excerpts are listed you may choose two from the list. Please do NOT choose the same excerpt(s) that you did the previous semester.

List of Performance Excerpts

Auditionees are strongly encouraged to consult professional recordings and excerpt guides when preparing these excerpts for help with tempo, style and phrasing. Many free recordings and resources can be found online.

All excerpts linked below are in PDF format, ready to download.

    Excerpts for String Players






    Excerpts for Wind and Brass Players










    Suggested Excerpts for Percussion, Piano and Harp

    Percussion: choose one from each category.

    Snare Drum


    Keyboard Percussion