Concerto Competition

7th Annual Sunderman Conservatory
Concerto Competition  

March 29, 2015, 7:30pm, Paul Recital Hall 

Judges will be announced soon.

The competition is open to the public and admission is free.

The winner(s) of the competition will perform in concert with the Gettysburg College Symphony Orchestra or the Wind Symphony as appropriate during the 2015-2016 concert season.

How To Apply

Please fill out the application form and return to Dr. Alexander Kahn by Monday, February 23.

Concerto Competition Rules

The competition is open to Music Majors and Minors at the Sunderman Conservatory of Music and members of the Gettysburg College Symphony Orchestra and Wind Symphony.

Concerti can be for single soloists or multiple soloists. Arias, concert songs, and song cycles are all welcome. Works for soloist(s) plus symphony orchestra or wind symphony are both welcome. Applicants and their private teachers are strongly encouraged to consult with Dr. Kahn and/or Dr. McCutcheon for help in choosing an appropriate work before submitting an application. 

Each competition performance will be 8 to 12 minutes in length at the committee's discretion.

Scott Crowne will be available to accompany during the evening for a small fee ($20 flat fee and $15 per ½ hour rehearsal). If you prefer to arrange your own accompanist instead please indicate that on the application form.

Applicants may begin with a selection of their choice, but must be prepared to play anything from the whole work if requested to do so by committee.

Memorization is preferred but not mandatory.

Lengthy tutti sections should be omitted.

The committee reserves the right to choose several winners or not to choose anyone.

Winner(s) must be prepared to attend rehearsals and concerts as arranged with the Gettysburg College Symphony Orchestra or Wind Symphony during the 2015-2016 concert season.

Click here for a list of previous Concerto Competition winners.