Step up and support our Biernat Challenge!

The Sunderman Conservatory of Music at Gettysburg is committed to exposing students to a range of communities and cultures through touring. Ensemble touring is about learning how your music can bring joy to others and creating positive change in the world. Students who can take their music on the road become more skilled as they hone a program for repeated performances, engage with diverse audiences in a variety of venues, and become enriched by the cultural interactions they experience.

To date, our musicians have performed in New York, Perugia, Nice, Beijing, Athens, Istanbul, Bali, and beyond. The Conservatory continues to seek unique opportunities for our instrumental ensembles to travel and perform. Every year brings a fresh group of musicians to the Conservatory—each one eager to create a unique Gettysburg experience.

Travel, to places near and far, can only happen when resources are available—Joseph ’75 and Susan ’77 Biernat know this to be true. As champions of the College, the Biernats have launched a challenge to raise $250,000 to support performance-related travel for instrumental ensembles of the Sunderman Conservatory. With aspirations of inspiring others to support our touring performers, the Biernats will match gifts designated for instrumental touring—dollar for dollar, up to $250,000—creating an endowed fund that will support our touring and performing instrumental students for generations to come.

Currently, Gettysburg College donors have given over $150,000 towards the Biernat Challenge—now is the time to meet our Challenge goal. To do so, we ask you to please show your support by making a gift that will double your impact, thanks to this generous Challenge.

To join the Biernats and step up to the Challenge, we accept gifts online, by phone, or by mail. If you are making an online gift, please note “Other” in the designation section, choose “Other” from the pop-up box, and then enter “Biernat” in the text box. Checks can be mailed to the address below, payable to Gettysburg College, with “Biernat” in the memo line. Additionally, you may call 1-800-238-5528 to make your gift over the phone with a credit card.

Thank you for your support of this wonderful Challenge. Your gift truly makes a difference in the lives of our talented students at the Sunderman Conservatory and many other talented instrumental musicians here at Gettysburg College!