Majestic Theater Facilities

The Majestic Theater, which seats 816, serves as the primary performance space for instrumental ensembles. The Majestic opened in 1925 as a vaudeville and silent movie theater. In 2005, a $16 million restoration recreated the original Colonial Revival features of this historic landmark. A spacious central lobby, suitable for chamber music performances, was added along with upgrades to make the building ADA compliant as well as attractive and efficient.  

For performances, some of our smaller ensembles use the Majestic Theater Cinema I, which will seat 135.  Instrumental ensembles (orchestra and bands) rehearse on stage at the Majestic Theater, and smaller ensembles (Jazz Ensemble and Sunderman Strings) rehearse in the Majestic Theater Rehearsal Room.

Majestic TheaterInterior Features
A $16 million restoration of the theater in 2005 meticulously recreated its original Colonial Revival features, including:

  • Decorative pressed metal ceiling, burnished with rich glazes
  • Stained glass chandeliers with crystal embellishments
  • Proscenium arch framed by massive Doric columns and pilasters
  • A stunning color palette of Gingersnap Brown, Terrain Tan, Oak-Buff Yellow, Carlsbad Canyon Orange, Iron Gate Gray, Eucalyptus Leaf Blue Green, and Glazes of Gold and Bronze
  • Elaborate stage draperies
  • Deep plush patron seating with hand-painted cast iron end standards
  • Custom-woven carpets in thick wool pile
  • Raked balcony seating for clear sight lines

In addition to the theater's expansive interior restoration, the 2005 renovation project also added important modern features, such as:

  • Spacious lobbies and a grand staircase
  • Computerized box office
  • Spacious and luxurious restroom facilities
  • Handicap seating and elevator access
  • Gourmet concessions and beverage bars

Backstage Facilities
Performers at the Majestic have access to a variety of customized facilities, including:

  • Expanded production area with multiple dressing rooms, performers' green room, laundry, work rooms, and storage
  • State-of-the-art theatrical systems for fly space, rigging, lighting, amplification, in-house communications, broadcast and recording
  • Orchestra pit and electronic lift with stage apron and sound shell sides
  • Tractor trailer loading dock and industrial elevator

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