The Music Technology Lab at the Sunderman Conservatory supports the work of music majors and minors, and for various teaching purposes. Music majors and minors may obtain a key for the lab from the Conservatory office, and use the lab for music-related purposes.

  • The lab is equipped with ten workstations, each with a computer linked to an electronic piano. The computers have a special software load including Finale and Sibelius music notation programs, and other software that supports the music curriculum.
  • The lab's pianos are connected by a hardware system to facilitate group keyboard teaching in the facility.

Using the Lab
Students log onto the lab's computers using their Gettysburg user IDs and passwords. This creates a profile is created for that session.

  • As with any public computer on campus, this profile disappears upon logoff, so students are reminded to save work to an external medium, such as network space or a flash drive.
  • Files from an external drive should be copied to the desktop first, then used from there. These files should be resaved the external media before logging off.

Lab Rules
Because the lab is often used for teaching, classes take priority over individual use. Students should check for an "in-use" sign before entering a lab.

  • The lab is for use by music students only.
  • Lab doors should not be propped open.
  • To protect the equipment, food or drink (except water bottles with caps) are not permitted in the lab. Instead, food and beverages can be consumed in the second floor lounge.
  • Personal belongings like books, jackets, papers, backpacks, or instruments should not be left in the lab. These items should not be used to "reserve" a workstation for later use.
  • Lab users should be considerate of others in the lab, and should use headphones or earbuds when working on a project that makes noise or music. Conversations should be taken outside to the lounge.
  • The printer and lab stations are to be used for music-related business only. Students are urged to avoid paper waste, to keep the area tidy, and to alert the Conservatory office if the printer is out of paper. If a computer or piano isn't working, it should be reported to Dr. Robert Natter or the Conservatory office as soon as possible.
  • To maintain equipment functionality, hardware and software settings and cabling in the lab should never be changed. Students wishing use the lab in a different way, or desiring additional hardware/software, should consult a faculty member or the Conservatory office.
  • Instructions for Yamaha Clavinova use may be found in the Yamaha Clavinova Owner's Manual.