Using Schmucker Hall Facilities

Keys and Lockers

Lockers are provided for storage of instruments on a space available basis and are assigned through the instrumental ensemble directors. These directors can assist students who have any difficulty with lockers. All lockers must be emptied at the end of the academic year.

Keys to various Schmucker facilities are available to students as follows:

  • Keys to the Music Technology Lab (Room 217) may be obtained by music majors or minors from the Conservatory office, and require a deposit of $20.
  • Percussion practice room keys (Rooms 119 & 201) may only be obtained by students who are enrolled in private percussion lessons, in percussion ensemble, or in percussion methods class. These require a deposit of $20, and may be obtained from Dr. Russell McCutcheon
  • Organ practice room keys (Room 305) may be obtained by those students enrolled in organ lessons from the Conservatory office.

Keys are issued for the academic year, or for as long as students are eligible. Deposits are refunded when keys are returned.

Equipment and Maintenance

All Conservatory faculty and students are responsible for keeping Conservatory instruments and equipment in good condition, and encouraging others to do likewise. Instruments and equipment should be stored properly, and broken or damaged instruments and equipment should be reported to the Conservatory office using the Facilities Problem Report Form.

In addition, students are asked to report any problems with the building -- for example, burned out light bulbs in practice rooms -- to the Conservatory office staff.

Copy Machines

Copy machines in Schmucker Hall are for faculty and staff use. Machines are available for student use in the College Union Building (CUB) and in Musselman Library.


Music majors and minors are provided with student mailboxes on the third floor of Schmucker Hall. These are used along with campus e-mail for Conservatory announcements.

Trash & Recycling

Schmucker Hall provides recycling receptacles on each floor. Gettysburg College uses single stream recycling; any recyclable item can go into any recycling bin, with the exception of food and containers with food residue. These should be deposited into a regular trash can.

Lost and Found

There is a Lost and Found box kept in the Conservatory office on the 3rd floor. Items found in a classroom or elsewhere in the building should be brought to the office.

Smoking, Food and Drink

Smoking is not permitted in any Gettysburg College campus building, including Schmucker Hall. Food and drink (with the exception of bottled water) are not permitted in the Recital Hall, practice rooms and the lab.