Gettysburg gamers create Red Light Race, a new Android app

Prof. Todd Neller, computer science students develop two-player game

Gettysburg College Prof. Todd Neller is a gamer. Whether using cards, dice, or a click of a mouse, he’s always up for a duel of wits and luck. This love for competition even inspired him, a few years back, to fashion his own game—Red Light.

“Red Light is a jeopardy chip or card game that was inspired by Fowl Play, which in turn is based on the folk jeopardy dice game Pig,” he said.

This past fall, students of Computer Science 112 piggybacked off of Neller’s game and developed it into a new Android app—Red Light Race—now available for free on Google Play.

“The idea came about when Prof. Neller wanted us to do something different for our fourth hour requirement,” said Steven Semmel ’16, a computer science and history double major, minoring in Civil War era studies. “Prof. Neller focused a lot of our assignments around the idea of using Java programming to develop games that we are familiar with, like Free Cell and Rush Hour. He also taught us how to play [Red Light] and understand the mechanics.”

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