Finding future founders

The Entrepreneurial Fellowship spurs inventors and innovators.

Seven years ago, Lauren Celano ’00 was in the midst of launching Propel Careers, a company that combined her passion for professional development with her entrepreneurial aspirations.

It was equal parts exhilarating and exhausting, but it was what she knew she was meant to do. She even enrolled in Boston University’s MBA program, focusing on health care and entrepreneurship, so she could learn the skills she needed to make her business dreams come true.
Despite her success, though, she couldn’t help but wonder—what could she have accomplished had she gained an entrepreneurial perspective at a younger age?

“As an undergraduate, I didn’t even think entrepreneurship was something that was possible,” the biochemistry and molecular biology major explained. “There wasn’t as much support for students to explore it then, as there is now.”

Today, she is one of several alumni serving as a mentor for the College’s Entrepreneurial Fellowship program, helping students solve an identified market need and hone their entrepreneurial skills. She believes the benefits of entrepreneurship— like the development of professional skills, personal growth, and positive economic impact—extend beyond building a business.

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