Gettysburg Semester

Taking a semester to study away has become a regular feature of most college or university undergraduates' lives, and sooner or later you'll probably be thinking about study away yourself.

But what if you could study away, not on a different continent or a different country, but in a different century?

And what if that century was the 19th century, and the location was...Gettysburg?

Since 1998 Gettysburg College has been offering the most unusual study away semester of them all - the Gettysburg Semester. Every fall Gettysburg welcomes a select group of undergraduates to a total-immersion semester in Civil War studies. Gettysburg Semester students take two core seminars devoted to the cutting-edge in Civil War scholarship, plus one course from Gettysburg's Civil War Era Studies program. Alongside this, Gettysburg Semester students involve themselves in internships with the Civil War-related agencies all around us. And Gettysburg Semester students live through their semester in our Civil War theme residence, The Appleford, on the Gettysburg campus, with voice-mail and computer connections, microwave/refrigerator units, and access to all of the College's library and recreational resources.

Gettysburg College
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