Richmond Trip Day 3

Our final battlefield visit of the Richmond weekend was to Appomattox Court House, the site of the surrender of the Army of Northern Virginia. Due to the distance of Appomattox, another early morning was in order to reach the park at a decent hour. Again, the traffic was light as we followed Lee's retreat route across the state of Virginia. Luckily for us, we did not have to follow the route with bare feet and empty stomachs as the Army of Northern Virginia, which would have easily ruined the fun of the trip. We arrived at Appomattox Court House National Historical Park midway through the morning. The sky was filled with warm sunshine, enabling us to truly enjoy the day at such a lovely location as the surrender of Lee's Army. Appomattox Court House

Dr. Guelzo & Prof. Booz We wound our way through the museum above the visitor center, admiring the artifacts taken from the McLean House and other places around the Court House. We left the visitor center and congregated in front of it to hear a splendid oration from Dr. Guelzo on the significance of the place before us, as well as the events leading up to it. We meandered over to the Wilmer McLean house, where Lee and Grant met to discuss the surrender of the Army of Northern Virginia. It was a moving experience to stand in one of the most important parlors in all of American history.

Unfortunately, since most of the furniture was taken or sold soon after the surrender, the parlor is filled with only reproductions. However, this in no way diminished the significance of the place. After leaving the McLean House, where more requisite group pictures were taken, the group was left with a fleeting few moments before we were required to get back on the bus and head back to Gettysburg. I managed to make it to the site of Grant and Lee's second meeting on April 10 before having to return to the bus. Appomattox

A long six-hour bus ride ensued, but we survived, with some homework actually having been completed. The group finally arrived back in Gettysburg at eight that Sunday night. We were greeted by an Appleford completely decorated for Christmas. It was a welcomed sight after a wonderful weekend on some of the most important battlefields in American history. Sleepy Amy

Lincoln Picture Appleford Stairwell