This past semester I had the wonderful experience of being a museum services intern at the Gettysburg National Military Park Archives.  Throughout the semester I was given a well rounded education in museum services and had the opportunity to complete several projects - worked on museum displays in the Park Visitor's Center, worked with the Park's priceless collections, and other various archival endeavors.  I learned countless skills related to the museum and archival world such as when to keep a file in the records, when something can be disposed of, and even when to remove a staple or paper clip, that might be causing long term damage, from that file.  I was also able to indulge my love of Civil War Era material culture and work with some amazing pieces of clothing and equipment in the Park's collection.  The staff at the Park was always willing to help me with anything I was unsure of and to give me insights into the inner workings of the National Park Service.  I am grateful to have had this opportunity and I am sure I will take this knowledge with me as I continue to work in Public History and with the National Park Service.

Here Tracy is examining a mid 19th century grey checked wool dressWool Dress

Photographing a beLt for a researcher

Examining what is left of a Confederate Battle Flag
Confederate Battle Flag