Joseph Rizzo at the Rupp

"Rupp House Baby!"

Joe at the Rupp House

Having the opportunity to do an internship in Gettysburg was one of the most exciting things for me as I was getting ready to begin The Gettysburg Semester. I had never had the opportunity to do anything like this at my home institution, and I looked forward to the unique experience. When I was offered the internship with the Gettysburg Foundation, I knew it would be a fulfilling job. The Gettysburg Foundation is a non-profit organization that works with the Gettysburg National Park to restore, preserve and enhance the battlefield. They are also currently helping with the construction of the new Visitor Center and museum.

My office was located in the Rupp House, where I was the intern for the Operations Coordinator, Katie Porch. The internship included helping out around the office making copies, filing, organizing, and it also included doing research for the museum. There were several instances when I helped transcribe letters from the war, looked up information about soldiers and helped get presentations ready for meetings discussing the new museum. One of the most interesting projects I had was looking up the order of battle for the Army of the Potomac and Army of Northern Virginia and generals that fought in the battle of Gettysburg, and researching what happened to them after the battle and after the war. Not only was this informative for my own benefit, but it was exciting to know that this would be used to help in the museum.


The internship also allowed me to see things that I would never have been able to see. I was able to see where the cannons get restored, the archives and be a part of meetings that discussed matters that regarded the creation of the new museum. Being able to read the material that will be in the museum and seeing what the displays will look like was definitely an exciting thing.

The opportunity to do the internship with the Gettysburg Foundation was definitely an experience I'll never forget. The things I learned and the people I met have helped me gain experience which will be imperative in future work.

 Rupp House, Gettysburg