• Educational Psychology

    Assistant Professor Chloe Ruff teaching EDUC-201, Educational Psychology.

  • Educational Psychology
  • Educational Psychology
  • Educational Psychology

The Gettysburg College Education Department strives to prepare knowledgeable, creative, culturally responsive teachers who foster the development and growth of learners by engaging them in worthwhile learning experiences framed by inquiry and meaningful assessment.

Courses and programs in the Education Department combine rigorous clinical preparation with deeply rooted philosophical, historical, and psychological investigations of the nature of the teaching and learning process to help students more fully understand formal education in all its contexts.

One Department, Two Programs

The Education Department offer students a well-rounded and thorough examination of the nature of education as a social, cultural, philosophical, and political phenomenon, with special attention paid to the historical contexts that have assisted in the development of the formal school system we have today.

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Alumni Profile


Amanda Drahos (French '12) is finishing a year in France, where she has been "teaching English to cigarette-smoking high schoolers on mopeds," and is now looking to head back to the states where she hopes to find more permanent work teaching French to non-smoking high schoolers who are much less likely to be driving mopeds. She also shares some interesting insights on the kind of teaching and learning she has witnessed in France.

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