Author Jen Fisher Bryant '82 shares tips on how to jumpstart a career in writing

An author of 26 books, Bryant '82 employs the lessons of Jerry Spinelli ’63 and other talented writers to craft compelling literature

Writing is a process – a progression of finding the right combination of words to mesh big ideas into small stories, poems, and works of fiction.

Jen Fisher Bryant ’82 knows this process well. An author of more than two dozen books, she has taught writing and literature at West Chester University and Bryn Mawr College, led writing workshops across the U.S., and served on the Alumni Association Board of Directors and the Communications and Marketing Advisory Council at Gettysburg College.

Are you an aspiring author? Read Bryant’s tricks of the trade to jumpstart your writing career.

How did a French and secondary ed major end up writing novels and children’s books?

I suppose I never perceived my major as a boundary. I’m convinced that my liberal arts background fed my natural curiosity and provided me with the critical thinking skills that I use every day. That being said, I did teach French and German (my minor) at a high school in Fairfax, Va. for several years after graduation. When I landed my first book contract with a small Maryland publisher (their office was above a pet shop), I was scared to death. I didn’t even own a computer, was a new mother, and had no creative writing degree. What I did have, though, was confidence in my ability to research, to write clearly, and to solve problems.

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