Study Abroad, Off-Campus Study, and Service Learning

Off-Campus Study

Off-campus study, both here in the U.S. and abroad, is an integral part of the educational experience offered at Gettysburg College. Although students enrolled in the Teacher Education program have numerous on campus curricular obligations to meet in order to become certified to teach, study abroad is something the Education Department strongly encourages and hopes to put in reach for all students. To this end the Department has established an agreement with the Danish Institute for Study Abroad (DIS) in Copenhagen, Denmark, to enable students to substitute coursework taken there for some certification requirements (typically DIS eichnercoursework is substituted for Education 340). Students may also choose to explore off-campus study opportunities through their major or through other programs; while it may be difficult to replace certification requirements with courses taken abroad, it is often possible to substitute courses taken through an OCS program for other curricular requirements. Students interested in off-campus study should consult with an Education Advisor and make an appointment with the Center for Global Education (CGE) office as well. Photo: Paula Eichner (Psychology, '13) poses next to the home of Hans Christian Andersen in Odense, Denmark. Eichner spent a semester in Denmark learning about Danish schools and has described her trip as a "once in a lifetime experience."

Service Learning

Students are strongly encouraged to become active members of the Gettysburg community during their time at the College. Many courses offered in the department are connected to service learning field experiences but students are also able to explore such opportunities outside of class as well. The Education Department partners with several community organizations in Gettysburg to provide these opportunities and the department also works closely with the Center for Public Service (CPS) to ensure that students become engaged in community life as much as possible. In 2012, Dr. Kaoru Miyazawa was recognized for her commitment to service learning when she was awarded the first-ever Faculty Award for Community-Based Engagement, signaling, once again, the department's commitment to expanding learning opportunities not only for students heer at the College but for members of the larger Gettysburg community as well. For more information on service learning opportunities, talk to your advisor or visit the website of the Center for Public Service.