Environmental Education

The environmental education program provides students with the opportunity to earn a K-12 Pennsylvania teaching certificate, which qualifies them to teach environmental science in school-based settings as well as informal environmental education at environmental and outdoor education centers. Interested students should complete a major in Environmental Studies and fulfill all of the requirements for a B.A. in the field. Students will also complete all certification requirements mandated by the Education Department and spend a full semester student teaching in a local school or school-based environmental education center.

Through this program, students will gain competence in all five core principles outlined in the Education Department Curriculum & Portfolio Guide. Specifically in the field of environmental education, students will learn to thoughtfully instruct students in both the content of systems-based thinking as well as the investigative and analytical skills necessary to confront current environmental problems. They will become familiar with state and national standards for environmental education and common strategies for building student understanding in each. Teacher candidates will also gain competence in interdisciplinary instruction, use of case methods in environmental education, and supporting students with special needs.

Please contact Dr. Chloe Ruff with any further questions about the Gettysburg College environmental education program.

K-12 Environmental Education