All Restricted Funds

The ATO Endowed Prize for Excellence
Established by the ATO Chapter House Corporation; awarded to the senior member, in good standing of the Gettysburg College Chapter of Alpha Tau Omega (ATO), with the highest demonstrated overall grade point average among all senior members of ATO.

Mary Catherine Albaugh (Class of 1954) Chemistry Fund for Student Research
Established from a bequest from her estate to be used to award annual summer research stipends to students majoring in chemistry and/or biochemistry and molecular biology.

Conrad Christian Arensberg Memorial Fund
Established in 1948 by Francis Louis Arensberg in memory of his father, a Union veteran, for the purchase of Civil War books and materials.

Robert Barnes Memorial Fund
Created to support a combined dinner and lecture each spring during the Biology Awards Day.

Edward J. Baskerville Memorial Book Fund
Created by Robin Wagner and Michael J. Birkner ’72, with additional contributions from alumni and friends, as a memorial for Edward J. Baskerville, Professor of English from 1956 to 1997, for the acquisition of contemporary fiction for the library’s collection.

The Rev. Peter C. Bell Memorial Lectureship Fund
Created for the establishment of a lectureship on the claims of the gospel on college men.

Bikle Endowment Fund
Established in 1925 to honor Dr. Philip Bikle (1866), dean of Gettysburg College, 1889–1925. Used to support debating.

Joseph Bittinger
Chair of political science.

Lydia Bittinger
Chair of history.

Joseph and Lydia Bittinger Memorial Fund
Established to support the needs of the history and political science departments.

Blavatt Family Lectureship
Created to establish the Blavatt Family Lecture Series in Political Science.

Robert Bloom Fund
For Civil War Institute.

Robert L. Bloom Prize
Established by Stanley Hostler ’51, in memory of Professor Robert L. Bloom; the award will be granted annually to one or more students selected by the History Department, to assist with research costs of two or three seniors in the seminar on the Eisenhower administration.

Merle S. Boyer Chair in Poetry
Established to create a faculty chair in poetry.

The Chang-Burton Fund for Creative Teaching
Established by Charles A. Burton and Melinda Chang Burton, members of the Class of 1967, to preserve and strengthen the tradition of distinguished teaching at Gettysburg College. Preference is given to proposals that enhance faculty members’ ability to meet the unique challenges of a classroom environment that is in transition due to an increase in the number of students from races or cultures historically underrepresented at Gettysburg College.

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Citron
Established by Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Citron (1947) to endow insurance on a 1934 oil painting by Minna Citron.

Class of 1911 Memorial Trust Fund
Established in 1961, on the fiftieth anniversary of the Class of 1911, to provide income for the purchase of books for the College library.

Thomas Y. Cooper Endowment
A bequest to Gettysburg College in support of its libraries: (a) for acquisitions in literature and American history, as a memorial to his parents, Dr. & Mrs. Moses Cooper; and (b) for the operating budget of the library.

Dr. Allan Cormack Summer Research Grant in Physics
Established by Richard C. Ellis and Margaret Eichman Ellis in memory of Dr. Allan Cormack, Nobel Laureate in Medicine and relative of the donors. A research grant is presented annually to a rising senior student selected by the faculty of the Department of Physics.

William C. Darrah Prize
Created to support a yearly prize for students in the biology department

William C. Darrah Lectureship
Created for the biology department to use for a Darrah Lecture every two or three years.

Bruce Denny Fund
Created by fellow students in memory of A. Bruce Denny (1973), to purchase library books.

Joe Derrig Memorial Fund
Established to subsidize student participation in a service-learning program related to AIDS. Also supports a yearly presentation on AIDS awareness.

Luther P. Eisenhart Fund
Established for the use of emeriti faculty and widows of former members of the faculty in need of assistance.

Harold G. Evans Chair in Eisenhower Leadership Studies
Established to foster an educational program in leadership.

Esther Kenyon Fortenbaugh Endowed Internship
Created by Robert B. Fortenbaugh and Esther Kenyon Fortenbaugh to fund a semester-long or summer internship for a student interested in pursuing studies in librarianship, information science, preservation or museum work during the fall or spring semester or in the summer.

Fourjay Career Resource Center
Established by the Fourjay Foundation, to support career education in the office of Career Planning and Advising.

Susan K. Garrison ’74 Fund in the Women’s Studies Program
Established by Susan K. Garrison ’74 to support Women’s Studies students who wish to attend conferences, participate in internships, or do research related to women’s issues and, when necessary, to support a Women’s Studies major or minor who exhibits a particular need.

The Georgia A. Franyo Endowed Fund for the Department of Theatre Arts
Administered by the Provost to provide grants to support faculty and program development in the Department of Theatre Arts at Gettysburg College.

Clyde E. and Sarah A. Gerberich Endowment Fund
Established in memory of Dr. Robert Fortenbaugh (1913) to support a series of lectures. Fund is also supported by a matching gift from the Hewlett Foundation to support the Robert Fortenbaugh Memorial Lecture.

Gettysburg Review Fund
Established to provide annual support for the Gettysburg Review.

Russell P. Getz Memorial Fund
Established for support of the music department.

Millard E. Gladfelter Prize
Created to support a student who has completed the junior year at Gettysburg College with excellent scholarship in the social sciences, and especially American history. To be used for research and a thesis report during the senior year.

J. Donald and Mary Herr Glenn Endowment Fund
To be used for educational purposes at the discretion of the President of the College, subject to supervision of the Board of Trustees.

Fund for Global Understanding
Established by Dr. Janet M. Powers, Global Studies Coordinator and Associate Professor of Interdepartmental Studies and Women’s Studies, with additional contributions, and Kenneth P. Powers: an endowment to secure and strengthen the Global Studies Program.

Derrick K. Gondwe Memorial Endowed Lecture
Established by William and Gayle Keefer, the annual lecture is jointly sponsored by Africana Studies and the Department of Economics to honor Professor Derrick K. Gondwe and to recognize his numerous contributions to the College, including work on issues of social and economic justice.

Jean Landefeld Hanson Fund
Established in 1971 by family and friends of the late wife of former President C. Arnold Hanson, to support purposes related to the Chapel program.

Dr. C.A. Hanson, President Emeritus, and Anne Keet Hanson Endowment Funds for the Beautification of Campus Grounds
The income from gifts to be used to support the landscaping, maintenance, cultivation, and beautification of college grounds.

George Hatter Fund
Income from this restricted endowment fund will be transferred to principal for a period of 60 years. After 60 years, the fund will be closed and transferred to Unrestricted Endowment/Hatter Fund.

The John A. Hauser Executive-in-Residence Fund
Established by family and friends of John A. Hauser and Gettysburg College, to support a business or governmental executive-in-residence.

Dee Hess ’82 Memorial Fund for Service Learning
Established in loving memory of Diana (“Dee”) L. Hess ’82, who died in 1983 while serving in the Peace Corps in Kenya, by her family and friends to honor her passion and commitment to public service; the fund supports student participation in international service learning projects through the College’s Center for Public Service.

Barbara Ann Holley ’54 Endowed Internship in Library Studies
Established by Barbara Ann Holley ’54 to support a full-time internship at Musselman Library designed for a recent graduate considering a career in information science, librarianship, or archives and records management.

R.F.H. Memorial Library Preservation Fund for Musselman Library
Established by Barbara Ann Holley ’54, in loving memory of her brother, Robert Franklin Holley, to support preservation of materials in Musselman Library.

The Harry D. Holloway Memorial Fund
Created to support purposes of keeping alive on campus the spirit of Abraham Lincoln.

The Donald and Kathleen Hudson Fund for Student Associates in Education
Established by Robert H. and Edna Mae Black Fischer to honor the late Donald Hudson, for his service in public school administration, and his surviving spouse, Kathleen Black Hudson ’37, for her service to public school teaching.

Islan Endowment for the Visual Arts
Established by Gregory Islan ’70 and Anne Sneath Islan; to provide special funds for the rental or purchase of art pieces for the College’s collection, to defer costs for special guest lectures, and to provide grants to send Gettysburg College students to conferences, camps, or off-site experiences related to the visual arts.

I.W. Foundation Center for Public Policy
Established from a gift of the I.W. Foundation made possible by Peter G. Seiden ’73; the Center supports lectures and seminars by visiting scholars.

Japan Program Fund
Created for use by the library department to purchase library and instructional materials related to Japan.

Japanese Studies Endowment
Established by Sotaro Ishii; Department of Asian Studies fund to support Japanese studies programs.

Stanley G. and Frances P. Jean Fund
To assist the Center for Public Service at Gettysburg College in the commendable efforts being made to meet current-day public service needs and objectives by improving and expanding programs offered through the Center.

Edwin T. Johnson and Cynthia Shearer Johnson Distinguished Teaching Chair
Established by Edwin T. ’51 and Cynthia Shearer ’52 Johnson.

William R. Kenan Jr. Endowment Fund for Teaching Excellence
Established to support high quality and effective teaching.

Myron I. Kuhn Endowed Civil War Institute Department Award
Established by Carolyn Kuhn Byron ’62; awarded annually to one or more promising and worthy recipients, students, or teachers attending the CWI summer program.

Katherine LeBlond Endowed Civil War Institute Department Award
Established in memory of his mother, by John F. Farquhar ’58; awarded annually to a teacher or student attending the CWI summer program.

Ralph D. Lindeman Memorial Fund
Established by family and friends in memory of Ralph D. Lindeman, to be used annually by the English Department for the purchase of books.

MNC Management Curriculum:
Created by the Maryland National Foundation to provide financial support for the management program.

Dr. G. Bowers and Louise Hook Mansdorfer Distinguished Chair in Chemistry
Established to provide an endowed chair in chemistry. Provides funds for faculty salaries, research needs, payment for research assistants, and travel for conferences.

Andrew Mellon Foundation Fund
Created to support interdisciplinary teaching and small group learning projects for workshops.

Dr Amos S.and Barbara K. Musselman Chemistry Endowment Fund
Created to support the chemistry program, primarily through the purchase of laboratory equipment and supplies.

Dr. Amos S. and Barbara K. Musselman Art Endowment Fund
Created to support and advance knowledge and appreciation of art at Gettysburg College.

Musselman Endowment for Theatre Arts
Created by the Musselman Foundation to support visits to the campus by individuals with expertise in the technical aspects of the theatre.

Musselman Endowment for Music Workshop
Established by the Musselman Foundation to support workshops in music performance and seminars in music education.

Musselman Endowment for Visiting Scientists
Created by the Musselman Foundation to support visits by scientists to the College.

NEH Fund for Faculty and Curriculum Development in the Humanities
Established by a Challenge Grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities to promote high quality work in the humanities through faculty and curriculum development activity of particular merit. Fund is part of the larger Institutional Fund for Self- Renewal.

NEH Fluhrer-Civil War Chair
Created by the Robert Fluhrer estate to establish a Civil War Chair in the history department.

NEH Senior Scholars’ Seminar
Established by the National Endowment for the Humanities to support the Senior Scholars’ Seminar.

Robert Nesto Biology Fund
Created to support travel to scientific meetings by biology students.

John P. O’Leary Jr. and Pamela O’Leary Endowed Fund
Created for the management department to be used for discretionary purposes.

One in a Mission Program Fund
Created by the Central Pennsylvania Synod to provide additional endowment funds to enhance the church-related mission of the College.

Edred J. and Ruth Pennell Trust Foundation
Created to purchase new materials in the fields of political science, management, and economics.

The Carl Hoshin Peterson Summer Student Research Grant in Physics
Established by Lucille Lohmeier Adelmann ’59 in loving memory of her husband, Carl Hoshin Peterson, a physicist; presented annually to a rising senior selected by the faculty of the Department of Physics.

Political Science Research/Development
Established by Elmer Plischke to assist faculty in the political science department in research activities.

Dr. and Mrs. William F. Railing Fund for Faculty- Student Research in Economics
Established by Dr. and Mrs. William F. Railing, to provide competitively awarded grants to support opportunities for promising and talented students to work collaboratively with members of the faculty conducting research in economics.

David W. Raymond '67 Endowed Fund for Public Policy Leadership Education
Established by David W. Raymond '67, to secure and strengthen the quality of the Public Policy major at Gettysburg College and the Public Policy related programs of the Eisenhower Institute at Gettysburg College.

Paul H. Rhoads Teaching and Professional Development Fund
Established by Paul H. Rhoads, Gettysburg College, and others to support scholarly research, professional development, or the improvement of undergraduate instruction by the College’s faculty.

Norman F. Richardson Memorial Lectureship Fund
Created to support an annual event that stimulates reflection on interdisciplinary studies, world civilization, the philosophy of religion, values, and culture.

H. Bruce Riefe ’43 Alumni Relations Internship
Established by Suzanne Riefe Barth in memory of her father, H. Bruce Riefe ’43, a tireless volunteer and lifelong advocate of the Gettysburg College Alumni Association; the fund supports a summer internship in the Office of Alumni and Parent Relations.

Rogers Center for Innovation in Technology
Established by C. B “Jack” Rogers Jr. ’51 to secure and strengthen the integration of advanced technology at the College, both in teaching, learning, and scholarly activities and in institutional management.

Henry M. Scharf Lecture Fund
Created by Dr. F. William Sunderman (1919) in memory of Henry M. Scharf, to establish a lectureship on current affairs.

Louis and Claudia Schatanoff Library Fund
Created to support the purchase of books and other publications for the College’s chemistry library.

Leslie R. Schweizer ’45 and Thomas C. Schweizer ’73 Summer Research Grant in Physics
Established by Eric B. Schweizer ’76 and Joan Fischer Schweizer ’76 in memory of Mr. Leslie R. Schweizer and Dr. Thomas C. Schweizer, family members and scholars in the field of physics. The research grant is presented annually to a rising senior student, selected by the faculty of the Department of Physics.

J. Douglas Shand Fund for Faculty-Student Summer Research in Psychology
Created to support opportunities for promising and talented students to work collaboratively with faculty members who are conducting research in psychology. Grants provide stipends to support students working on research projects that primarily occur in the summer.

Jack Shand Psychology Research Fund
Created to provide financial support of seniors registered for honors research in the psychology department.

James A. Singmaster (1898) Fund for Chemistry
Established by Mrs. James A. Singmaster in memory of her husband, to be used for the purchase of library materials in chemistry or related areas.

Dr. Kenneth L. Smoke Memorial Trust Fund
Created to honor the man who in 1946 established the department of psychology at Gettysburg College and served as its chair until his death in 1970. Used in part by the College library to purchase library resources in the field of psychology and in part by the psychology department for special departmental needs.

Fred G. and Janet High Stambaugh Memorial Endowment for Athletes
Established by Fred G. Stambaugh ’47, in memory of Janet High ’48 Stambaugh.

Stoever Alcove Fund
Established by Laura M. Stoever for the support of the library.

J. H. W. Stuckenberg Memorial Lectureship
Created by Mary G. Stuckenberg in memory of her husband, to sponsor lectures in the general area of social ethics.

F. William Sunderman Conservatory of Music of Gettysburg College
Established by bequest from F. William Sunderman ’19, the Conservatory provides talented students with comprehensive classical music instruction and performance training.

The Sunderman Chamber Music Foundation of Gettysburg College
Established by F. William Sunderman (1919) to stimulate and further the interest in chamber music at Gettysburg College through the sponsorship of chamber music concerts.

Waltemyer Seminar Room Fund
Established by Carroll W. Royston (1934) and the family and friends of Dr. William C. Waltemyer (1913), former head of the Bible department at the College, to provide furnishings for and to maintain the library in a seminar room in his memory.

Steve Warner Trust Fund
Created for the purpose of expenditures for books, periodicals, microfilm, etc. in the area of Asian Studies for the Musselman Library; to care for and maintain those purchased materials and the Stephen H. Warner papers maintained in Musselman Library’s Special Collection at the College; and to support publications derived from the Collection.

The James M. Weaver ’64 Fund for Creative Teaching
Established by James M. Weaver ’64 to secure and strengthen the quality of teaching at the College by providing financial resources for pedagogical innovation and faculty development.

Donald K. Weiser Book Acquisition Fund
Established in honor of Donald K. Weiser (1924) for the purchase of library books in the field of insurance, management, and business administration.

Woman’s League Fund for Upkeep and Repair of the YMCA Building (Weidensall Hall)
Created by Louisa Paulus.

The Jacob M. and Genevieve J. Yingling Special Collections Endowment
Established by Jacob M. Yingling ’52 and Genevieve J. Yingling to support the needs of Special Collections of Musselman Library.

Dr. and Mrs. Jeremiah Zimmerman Fund
Established by Dr. Jeremiah Zimmerman (1873) to create an endowment in support of the annual operating budget of the library.

John B. Zinn President Discretionary Institutional and Faculty Institutional Development Fund
Established to provide support for research and professional development by Gettysburg College faculty and staff; to support new or experimental academic programs; and to support professional development and research for professors in fields associated with the healing arts.

John B. Zinn Memorial Fund in Admissions
Established in honor of John B. Zinn by friends and former students, to support admissions efforts in fields associated with the healing arts.