Restricted Funds

William C. Darrah Lectureship
Created for the biology department to use for a Darrah Lecture every two or three years.

Bruce Denny Fund
Created by fellow students in memory of A. Bruce Denny (1973), to purchase library books.

Joe Derrig Memorial Fund
Established to subsidize student participation in a service-learning program related to AIDS. Also supports a yearly presentation on AIDS awareness.

Luther P. Eisenhart Fund
Established for the use of emeriti faculty and widows of former members of the faculty in need of assistance.

Harold G. Evans Chair in Eisenhower Leadership Studies
Established to foster an educational program in leadership.

Esther Kenyon Fortenbaugh Endowed Internship
Created by Robert B. Fortenbaugh and Esther Kenyon Fortenbaugh to fund a semester-long or summer internship for a student interested in pursuing studies in librarianship, information science, preservation or museum work during the fall or spring semester or in the summer.

Fourjay Career Resource Center
Established by the Fourjay Foundation, to support career education in the office of Career Planning and Advising.

Susan K. Garrison ’74 Fund in the Women’s Studies Program
Established by Susan K. Garrison ’74 to support Women’s Studies students who wish to attend conferences, participate in internships, or do research related to women’s issues and, when necessary, to support a Women’s Studies major or minor who exhibits a particular need.

The Georgia A. Franyo Endowed Fund for the Department of Theatre Arts
Administered by the Provost to provide grants to support faculty and program development in the Department of Theatre Arts at Gettysburg College.

Clyde E. and Sarah A. Gerberich Endowment Fund
Established in memory of Dr. Robert Fortenbaugh (1913) to support a series of lectures. Fund is also supported by a matching gift from the Hewlett Foundation to support the Robert Fortenbaugh Memorial Lecture.

Gettysburg Review Fund
Established to provide annual support for the Gettysburg Review.

Russell P. Getz Memorial Fund
Established for support of the music department.

Millard E. Gladfelter Prize
Created to support a student who has completed the junior year at Gettysburg College with excellent scholarship in the social sciences, and especially American history. To be used for research and a thesis report during the senior year.

J. Donald and Mary Herr Glenn Endowment Fund
To be used for educational purposes at the discretion of the President of the College, subject to supervision of the Board of Trustees.

Fund for Global Understanding
Established by Dr. Janet M. Powers, Global Studies Coordinator and Associate Professor of Interdepartmental Studies and Women’s Studies, with additional contributions, and Kenneth P. Powers: an endowment to secure and strengthen the Global Studies Program.

Derrick K. Gondwe Memorial Endowed Lecture
Established by William and Gayle Keefer, the annual lecture is jointly sponsored by Africana Studies and the Department of Economics to honor Professor Derrick K. Gondwe and to recognize his numerous contributions to the College, including work on issues of social and economic justice.

Jean Landefeld Hanson Fund
Established in 1971 by family and friends of the late wife of former President C. Arnold Hanson, to support purposes related to the Chapel program.

Dr. C.A. Hanson, President Emeritus, and Anne Keet Hanson Endowment Funds for the Beautification of Campus Grounds
The income from gifts to be used to support the landscaping, maintenance, cultivation, and beautification of college grounds.

George Hatter Fund
Income from this restricted endowment fund will be transferred to principal for a period of 60 years. After 60 years, the fund will be closed and transferred to Unrestricted Endowment/Hatter Fund.

The John A. Hauser Executive-in-Residence Fund
Established by family and friends of John A. Hauser and Gettysburg College, to support a business or governmental executive-in-residence.