Endowment Funds

Endowed Scholarships (Grants in Aid):  Student Aid

Student Aid: All Students who apply for financial assistance and are determined to have financial need will be considered for these scholarships (grants-in-aid). Recipients are selected by the College.

Though the College administers scholarships restricted to members of a particular sex, the discriminating effect of these awards has been eliminated in the overall administration of the financial aid program through the use of other funds made available to the college.



The Timothy D. Betterly ’81 Memorial Scholarship Fund
Established by Joanne F. Betterly '80, in loving memory of Timothy D. Betterly, a member of the Class of 1981, cherished husband of Joanne F. Betterly, Class of 1980; and devoted father of Samantha, Class of 2012 and Christine, Class of 2015. This gift recognizes the Betterly family legacy at Gettysburg College and serves as a lasting tribute to Tim who lived life to the fullest and touched countless lives along the way.

Gareth “Lefty” Biser Endowed Scholarship
Established by friends in honor of “Lefty” Biser. Awarded to one or more worthy and promising students working towards a degree in health sciences.

Burton F. Blough Scholarship Fund
Established by a former trustee to aid needy and deserving students.

Jean Aument Bonebrake Presidential Scholarship Fund
Established by Roy Bonebrake (1928) in memory of his wife, to be awarded to promising and worthy students in need of scholarship aid; preference is given to students who possess exceptional academic abilities and outstanding promise.

Harry F. Borleis (1925) Scholarship Fund
Awarded to needy and deserving students.

John Z. Bowers, M.D. (1933) and Akiko K. Bowers (LHD 2003) Endowed Scholarship
Established by Dr. Akiko K. Bowers (LHD 2003). Awarded to worthy and promising students. Two-thirds are given to pre-med students who demonstrate academic excellence in pursuit of their studies. If no students meet those qualifications, the scholarship can be awarded to students majoring in biology, chemistry, physics, biochemistry, computer science, mathematics, psychology, environmental sciences, or other sciences that may be developed in the future. One-third is given to students in Japanese studies who demonstrate academic excellence.

Charles E. Bowman (1925) Scholarship Trust Fund:
Awarded to needy and deserving students.

Elsie Paul Boyle (1912) Scholarship Fund
Established by Elsie Paul Boyle, to be awarded to a needy and worthy student, with preference given to a Lutheran from Weatherly, located in Carbon County, Pennsylvania.

Henry T. Bream (1924) Scholarship Fund
Created by alumni and friends of the College in honor of Henry T. Bream, professor of health and physical education, 1926 –1969, to be awarded to a needy and deserving male scholar participating in extracurricular activities.

James H. (1960) and Mary Jane (1960) Brenneman Endowed Scholarship Fund
Established by James H. Brenneman, former member of the Board of the Trustees of the College, and his wife, Mary Jane, in honor of their daughter Kathleen (1984), and son Stephen (1987), to be awarded annually to needy and deserving students.

Lavern H. Brenneman (1936) Scholarship Fund
Established by Lavern H. Brenneman (1936), former chair of the Board of Trustees of the College, and his wife, Miriam, in honor of their son, James (1960); daughter-in-law, Mary Jane (1960); granddaughter, Kathleen (1984); and grandson, Stephen (1987). Awarded annually to needy and deserving students.

Randall Sammis Brush (1973) Memorial Scholarship Fund
Created by family and friends in memory of Randall Sammis Brush, to be awarded to a needy and deserving student particularly proficient in the study of history.

The Neil and Jen Bryant ’82 Scholarship
Established by Neil and Jen Bryant, members of the Class of 1982; awarded to a promising student who has demonstrated sustained participation in a physically oriented co-curricular activity; and who is pursuing a major in one of the following: Anthropology, Art & Art History, Civil War Era Studies, Music, English, Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology, or Theater Arts.

Edward B. Buller (1923) Scholarship Fund
Created by the Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd, Pearl River, New York, and friends in honor of the Rev. Edward B. Buller, to be awarded to a deserving student; preference is given to a student from Good Shepherd congregation.

Bryan M. Bunning Memorial Scholarship
Established by Thomas J. Scalici ’86 and his wife, Amy McGavern Scalici ’86, in memory of Thomas’s fraternity brother, who died in 1987; awarded to worthy and promising students.

H. Edgar (1924) and M. Helene Bush Scholarship
Awarded to deserving persons in need.

The William A. and Anne D. Cannell Endowed Scholarship
Awarded to one or more worthy and promising students.

The John Kenley and Marian Alice Wendler Carr Endowed Scholarship Fund in Physics
Established by John Kenley Carr ’50 as a memorial tribute to Marian Alice Wendler Carr; the scholarship is awarded to one or more worthy and promising students majoring in Physics.

Dr. Shu-Sing and Y. May Chang Scholarship Fund
Established by Dr. Shu-Sing and T. May Chang; the scholarship is restricted to worthy and promising students majoring in Chemistry or Physics.

Dr. Anthony G. Ciavarelli (1913) Scholarship Fund
Established by Dr. Anthony G. Ciavarelli, to be awarded annually to a student (or students) who demonstrates superior character, industry, serious academic purpose, and financial need. Preference is given to a student preparing for the medical profession.


Endowed funds provide extraordinary experiences for Gettysburg College students.

For more information about endowed funds or to establish a new fund at Gettysburg College, please contact the Division of Development, Alumni and Parent Relations at (717) 337-6500 or email alumni@gettysburg.edu.