Artists of the airwaves: Undergrads host WZBT radio shows

Disc-jockeys learn broadcasting skills through original programming

“Turn it up!” It’s a phrase you’ll hear on campus, around town, and down Route 30 as listeners’ radio dials reach 91.1 FM, WZBT Gettysburg. The non-profit, student-run radio station, founded in 1948, prides itself on its original programming, new music, and dedicated fan base, as well as its spirited and talented hosts—the students of Gettysburg College.

“I’ve always wanted to do some sort of news anchoring and this provided the perfect opportunity,” said Nicolette Kenzor ’16, a health sciences major who serves as WZBT’s news director and host of Nic @ Nite

When not in the lab, Kenzor’s experiences behind the mic are further developing her confidence and verbal communication skills, assets for any career.

“I’m a people-person and love speaking in front of a crowd, but radio is [a challenge]—you can’t see the audience and they only pay attention to your words, no gestures or visual clues,” she said. “It’s a great opportunity and I’m glad I discovered it my freshman year.”

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