Tess Barton is the CEO/Founder of CleanPOwerPerks LLC in the Boston area.

Matt Heiser is the Resident Director at the Wentworth Institute of Technology in the Boston area.

Gwendolyn Brown is an Environmental Law Institute Senior Research Associate in Washington, DC.

Kevin Lugo is a brand ambassador for ProtoCycle Sharing program in the Seattle area.

Katelyn McGill is a veterinary assistant at Gateway Animal Hospital in Wayne, PA.

Autumn Arthur is a programs and events manager at the Strawberry Hill Nature Preserve in Fairfield, PA. 

Jessica Lee has a job in Denmark at DIS.

Emma Snellings is working at Cape Cod National Seashore, MA.

Nicole Loiseau works for the National Park Service. She is currently working in Glacier National Park, but will probably be a different park by the time you read this note!

Josette Wiggins completed two years in the Dominican Republic with the Peace Corps.

Jeremy Johnson is a geospatial intelligence analyst at SAIC near Washington, DC.

Amy Phillips has moved to New York City to design websites for 3view.com.

Brian Rusignuolo was a Geographic Information Systems specialist mapping forest ecology parameters for the National Park Service at Camp David, Md., then a policy analyst at DynCorp, and is now enjoying work as an implementation specialist with Select Medical Corp. Brian is also the co-author of two marine ecology research papers with Prof. John Commito.

Janna Schultz works in Boston for Environmental Careers Organization, providing career services.

Phil Schrode is a lieutenant in the U.S. Marine Corps and takes graduate classes in coastal zone management.

Lennon Thompson lives in San Diego, Calif., where she works for Equinox, a marketing firm that specializes in environmental products.

Heather Donaldson is working in a medical research laboratory at Johns Hopkins University and applying to graduate programs in environmental science.

(Left) Nicole Loiseau is a park ranger based in Moab, Utah.