Hi! There I am eating mussels in the picture above -- I study them and I cook them. Either way, they provide me with a lot of enjoyment! Check out my website at the web link above. It's got more information than the quick sketch here. My research and teaching activities are strongly interdependent. I teach a variety of field-oriented courses in ecology, marine ecology, and environmental issues, including a seminar on automobiles and land-use. My students do research with me in the field and laboratory. We often present our results together at research conferences and publish co-authored papers in scientific journals. My research focuses on the ecology of the sea floor, especially intertidal mud and sand flats in Maine, Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia. I do experiments in the field, usually on predator-prey interactions, animal dispersal mechanisms, and mathematical models of population distribution patterns. I also analyze mitochondrial DNA sequences in marine bivalves to understand the genetic structure of populations across spatial scales. I have spent a year in Norway working on the Oslofjord, eight months in New Zealand studying Manukau Harbor in Auckland, and seven months in Italy analyzing spatial patterns of seafloor organisms. Another interest of mine is land-use management, with an emphasis on the impact of the automobile on American culture and environment. In order to compare policies in the United States and other countries, I toured Denmark and participated in a conference on environmental studies in international education, sponsored by Denmark's International Study Program (DIS). For more information, click on my website link above. Thanks so much for your interest!


John A. Commito

John A. Commito
Professor, Environmental Studies

Email: jcommito@gettysburg.edu
Phone: (717) 337 - 6030

Box: Campus Box 2455

Address: Science Center
Room 154C
300 North Washington St.
Gettysburg, PA 17325-1400

BA Cornell University, 1971
PhD Duke University, 1976

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