Independent Study Projects

Jessica Lee (2012-2013). Using GIS to reconstruct paleo-equilibrium line altitudes from cirques on Northwest Iceland.

Alexis Moyer (2012-2013). Using GIS and streamlined landforms to interpret paleo-ice flow in northern Iceland.

Nikita La Cruz (2012-2013). Assessing the impact of industrialization on lead levels on the Gettysburg College campus: A chemical and spatial analysis.

Sara Cawley (2010-2011). Collaboration in Context: Characterizing Collaborative Resource Management in the Intermountain West.

Jake Hochard (2010-2011). The Effect of Electricity Transmission Grid Access on Domestic Electricity Prices: An Empirical Analysis of some European Countries.

Caitlin Hoy (2010-2011). Antidepressants (venlafaxine and citalopram) Cause Foot Detachment in Freshwater Snails at Environmentally Relevant Concentrations.

Michael Catalano (2009-10). The Social Context and Governance of Community-Based Collaborative Resource Management.

Jonathan Walter (2009-10). Detection and Modeling of Mountain Pine Beetle Red Attack in Colorado, 2003-2009.

Andrew Reed (2009-10). Loss-on-ignition and Humification of a Peat Core from Quoddy Head State Park, Maine.

Sara Coleman (2009-10). Predator and Non-predator Chemical Cues Alter Mussel Self-Organization into Power-Law Clusters.

Allyson King (2009-10). Uses of Oysters in Roman Britain: A Blending of Cultures.

Danielle Bates (2009-10). Predator Chemical Cues Alter Mussel Self-Organizing Aggregation Rates and Patch Metrics. But So Do Non-predator Cues!

Brian Kelley (2009-10). "On the Fence," a documentary film that examines conservation issues in Botswana, Africa where Brian studied abroad in the spring of 2009 through study abroad. The film highlights the complex interlace between nature and cultures. Who should manage wildlife? And what's at stake for the animals and the humans involved? The film's premiere is planned March 22 at the College's Majestic Theater.

Heather Grace-Rutledge (2008-9). Challenging Notions of Potential: A Case Study of an Experiential, Discovery-based Botanical Education Program for Four-Year Olds in Gettysburg, Pa. Advisor: Randy Wilson

Christine Urbanowicz (2008-9). Wave exposure as a predictor of landscape-scale bivalve occurrence in the Gulf of Maine. Advisors: John Commito, Dr. Tom Crawford (East Carolina University)

ES Senior Seminar Project (Spring 2009). A Greenhouse Gas Inventory of Gettysburg College 2006-2008: Reaching Carbon Neutrality by 2032. Benjamin Boamah, Megan Burgay, Sara Campbell, Christopher Cole, Marissa Dakay, Lisa Droege, Matt Heiser, George Kahl, Katelyn McGill, Tom Merce, Jackie Powell, Adin Ray, Laura Shelly, Steve Slowinski Advisor: Sarah Principato

Julie Markus (2008-9). Sedimentology and Humification Index of Peat Deposits in New York and Maine. Advisor: Sarah Principato

Thomas J. Merce (2008-9). Big Box Retail Development and its Alternatives in Rural Pennsylvania. Advisor: Randy Wilson

Alexandra Bigler (2007-2008). Looking East for the New West. Advisor: Randy Wilson. 

Jason Cessna (2007-2008). Hemlock Woolly Adelgid Damage Increases Soil Nutrient Cycling, Causing Nutrient Leaching into Mountain Streams. Advisor: Caroline Nielsen. 

Theresa Davenport (2007-2008). Caesar or house salad? A feeding preference comparison of the crayfishes Procambarus clarkii and P. spiculifer on aquatic plants of the Southeastern United States. Advisors: István Urcuyo, John Commito, Mark E. Hay. 

Natasha Gownaris (2007-08). Are Mussel Beds Selfish Herds? Mussels Self-Organize into Fractal Aggregations. Advisor: John Commito.

Kristy Knepp (2007-2008). Heavy Metal Exposure and the Incidence of Renal Cell Carcinoma in the Baltic. Advisor: Randy Wilson.

Marissa Mizeski (2007-2008). A Greenhouse Gas Inventory of Gettysburg College. Advisor: Caroline Nielsen. 

Miriam Parson (2007-2008). Effects of Student-Initiated Environmental Programs upon Undergraduate Environmental Attitudes and Behaviors. Advisors: Roy Dawes, Bruce Larson, and Randall Wilson 

Kyle Reeves< (2007-08). Foundation Species Effects on Substrate Selection: Epifaunal and Infaunal Amphipods Respond Differentially to Mussel Bed Biogenic Structure and Terrestrially-Derived Sediment. Advisor: John Commito.

Allison Vissichelli (2007-08). Substrate-Specific Larval Settlement: The Role of Terrestrially-Derived Gravel in Regulating Mussel Bed Spatial Patterns. Advisor: John Commito

Matt Yergey (2007-2008). Examining Prey Resource Value of Hypoxia Impacted Habitats of Juvenile Spot in 2005. Advisors: István Urcuyo, John Commito, Mark E. Hay. 

Andrew Rohrbaugh (2006-2007). A GIS Analysis of Land Use Change in the Mid-Atlantic States.

Keith Reinemann (2006-07). Greening the Campus: Biodiesel Production From Waste Vegetable Oil (WVO): An Alternative Fuel Source for Use in Vehicles at Gettysburg College.

Tess Barton (2005-2006). Holocene paleoclimate interpreted from peat deposits in northwest Iceland.

Freya Gibbon (2005-06). Painted Turtle Farm: An Initial Assessment of a Student Run Community Garden. 

Kristin Igusky (2005-2006). Characteristics of diamicton from Vestfirdir and the mainland of Iceland: Implications for Provenance.

Jennie Fiorito (2005-2006). Conservation Potential and Land Use Fragmentation in Maryland.

Sarah Lilley (2005-2006). A Comparison of Road Data Sources for Assessing Fragmentation in an Agricultural Landscape.

Jeremiah Johnson (2004-2005). Evaluating the spatial distribution of ice scour lakes in NW Iceland at the Last Glacial Maximum.

Lesley Rapparlie (2003-04).  The Politics of Place and Community-based Collaborative Management on the San Juan National Forest, Colorado.

Ann Borowik (2003). Multi-Scale Spatial Characterization of Mussel Bed Structure in Coastal Maine: A GIS Approach.

Wendy Dow (2003). From Cores to Counties: Hierarchical Analysis of Soft-Bottom Mussel Bed Spatial Structure Across Scales in Maine, USA.

Ben Grupe (2003). Correlations Between the Foundation Species Mytilus edulis and Infauna and Epifauna Across Spatial Scales in a Soft-Bottom System in Maine.

Heather Johnson (2001-02).  The History of Mining and Land Use at Strawberry Hill Nature Preserve: A Comprehensive Study.

Jennifer White (2000-01).  A Comparative Study of Caiman crocodilus and Paleosuchus trigonatus: Notes on habitat selection, juvenile behavior, and diet along the Rio Tiputini, Ecuador.

Emily Celano (2000). Ecosystem Engineers Alter Benthic Processes: Power Law Transport of Sediment, Larvae, and Postlarvae in a Spatially Complex Soft-Bottom Mussel Bed.

Holly Celico (1998). Analysis of Mussel Larval Recruitment to Plastic Mesh Collectors: Influence of Habitat Type and Site Location.

Craig Johnson (1998). Hydrodynamic Control of Meiofauna Transport Dynamics in Mussel Beds.

Brian Rusignuolo (1998). Structural Complexity in Mussel Beds: The Fractal Geometry of Surface Topography.