About the Faculty

Gettysburg's more than 190 faculty members boast an impressive record of achievement as teachers and as scholars.

  • More than 95 percent have a doctorate or the highest degree in their field
  • They have earned Fulbright and Luce Fellowships
  • Won numerous National Science Foundation grants
  • Gained national and international reputations for their work

But it is the relationship between students and faculty as learners that is the hallmark of a Gettysburg education. Gettysburg values teaching above all, which means that first and foremost the faculty's commitment is to their students. They fulfill this commitment in small, interactive classes (the average class size is about 18), and in myriad ways outside the classroom.

Students may find themselves alongside faculty retracing the roots of the Civil Rights movement, firing protons with sophisticated scientific instruments, promoting grass-roots development in Nicaragua, or videotaping Viking ruins in the British Isles. Or they may find themselves with their classmates discussing a course (and other things in their lives) over dinner at a faculty member's house.


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