These awards are just a few of the possibilities open to students. For a more detailed and extensive list, please see the Scholar Development Guide (PDF). Hardcopies are available in the Office of Academic Advising or through campus mail by request to Assistant Provost for Scholarship Maureen Forrestal (, 717-337-6835.


British Marshall
Graduate degree funding at any U.K. institution of higher education

Carnegie Junior Fellowship
One-year paid position as a Junior Research Fellow for the Endowment for International Peace in Washington, D.C.

One academic year of graduate study, teaching, and/or independent research in one of over 130 foreign countries

Graduate degree funding at Cambridge University in England

Barry Goldwater Scholarship
Undergraduate junior and/or senior-year degree funding for students intending to become professionals in mathematics, the sciences, or related fields

James Madison Junior Fellowship
Funding for graduating seniors or current teachers who are pursuing a master's degree in teaching American History (or related fields) at the secondary school level

George Mitchell Scholarship
One year of graduate study at any institution of higher education in Ireland or Northern Ireland

National Science Foundation Graduate FellowshipFunding for the doctoral degree at a U.S. institution in one of many science or science-related disciplines

Thomas Pickering Foreign Affairs Fellowship (FAF)
Undergraduate awards for juniors committed to serving as Foreign Service Officers with the U.S. Department of State upon completion of education

Thomas Pickering Graduate Foreign Affairs Fellowship (GFAF)
Funding for a master's degree in international relations (or related field) in preparation for a career as a Foreign Service Officer with the U.S. Department of State

Graduate degree funding at Oxford University, England

Harry Truman Scholarship
Undergraduate senior-year funding for those students intending to become professionals in a field related to public service

Udall Scholarship
Undergraduate junior and/or senior-year funding for students interested in the environment and/or Native American tribal health policy