FYS-102 The World's Children

Instructor: Chairperson/Professor Kathleen M. Cain
Department: Psychology

Course Description:
Across the world, children are born in strikingly different circumstances – in hospitals, homes, or directly on the ground - and they grow up in societies that differ just as strikingly. Some children encounter worlds of plenty, while others grow up on the street or in war zones. In this course, we will seek to understand children’s development in a global perspective, with particular attention to children in the developing world. We will ask how children’s lives differ across the world, examining birth practices, family structure, and education. We will also examine challenges facing children around the globe, exploring topics such as child labor, street children, and child refugees. Our goals will be to (1) develop a richer understanding of international contexts of children’s development, and (2) identify causes and consequences of, as well as possible solutions to, challenges children and their families confront across the globe.