FYS-177 Complementary Medicine: A Cultural and Scientific Inquiry

Instructor: Adjunct Instructor Renee A. Lehman
Department: Health Sciences

Course Description:
Complementary and alternative medicines are so interwoven in the fabric of American healthcare that it may no longer be relevant to draw a firm line between complementary and conventional medicine. Many complementary medicine techniques represent different ways of thinking about wellness, health, and disease, which are deeply rooted in distinct cultural histories, philosophies, and languages. In this course, we will explore cross-cultural perspectives on wellness and disease, and the scientific underpinnings of complementary and alternative therapies. Students will learn about complementary and alternative therapies such as acupuncture, naturopathy, herbal medicine, meditation, chiropractic, therapeutic massage, as well as many other therapies. Students will have the opportunity to meet experienced and distinguished practitioners of complementary and alternative therapies. Learning will involve experiential activities, multi-sensory experiences, journaling, group discussion, and individual/small group projects.