FYS-180 This Film Inspired By: Screening Multicultural Literature

Instructor: Assistant Professor McKinley E. Melton
Department: English

Course Description:
This course considers literary texts whose impact has been all the more significant because they serve as inspiration for film adaptations, raising key questions regarding audience, medium, and the relationship between the two. This course explores literature emerging from a variety of cultural contexts, each of which experienced a significant degree of popular and critical success. While interrogating the literature for the diversity of perspectives that they bring to the dominant narrative of American identity and citizenship, students consider the implications of translation and adaptation, examining what gets lost and gained in the process of moving from written text to film. As students engage in multiple approaches to literary and cultural analysis over the course of the semester, they will also seek to better understand the significance of the social, political, and historical contexts which frame the literature and the subsequent films that emerge.