FYS-112 Connecting Here and There, and Now and Then: Developing Global Imagination

Instructor: Associate Professor Kaoru Miyazawa
Department: Education

Course Description:
Under the increasing impact of globalization on individuals’ lives, it is crucial for educators today, to have a global mind and commit themselves in developing a global imagination ( i.e. understanding the connectedness between us and them beyond national borders) of all students. Based on this belief this course provides first year students opportunity to work with children in Pennsylvania and Fukushima, Japan to develop their global imagination. We will achieve this goal by (1) designing and teaching an interdisciplinary unit for elementary school students. The unit will guide children to explore common issues that Pennsylvania and Fukushima have such as nuclear power plant, Migration, displacement, and economic and educational inequity. The teaching will take place in Spanish-English, dual-language immersion school in Gettysburg. As a part of developing the unit, students will facilitate communication between children in Gettysburg and Fukushima. The use of multiple languages (English, Spanish, and Japanese) is encouraged during the course. (Students have opportunities to complete some of their assignments in the language of their choice).