FYS-107 The Bush Administration: Approach to the War on Terror, Torture, and Prisoners of War

Instructor: Harold G. Evans Professor of Eisenhower Leadership Studies Shirley Anne Warshaw
Department: Political Science

Course Description:
The Bush administration approached torture, harsh interrogation and prisoners of war in the War on Terror guided by a set of legal principles authored primarily by John Yoo of the U.S. Department of Justice. Students in the course read a number of books, including Yoo’s Crisis and Command, as a foundation for understanding the legal policies implemented by the Bush administration. Included is an in-depth review of Articles I, II, and III of the Constitution, the Geneva Conventions, The Detainee Act of 2005, and recent Supreme Court cases. This course will count as American Government for declared Political Science majors and will also fulfill the writing requirement for all students.