FYS-156 Green Eggs And Government Cheese: Food For Environmental Sustainability

Instructor: Associate Professor Salma Monani
Department: Environmental Studies

Course Description:
What is a sustainable food system? What does it have to do with green eggs and government cheese, or with ham? In this class we’ll think about eggs, cheese, ham, and various other such delectable edibles in ways that help us ponder the connections between food and global, national, and local environmental issues including climate change, land use, and community health. We will not only read and write about food but we will also analyze food films and go on field trips (for example, to a local organic farm). In addition, we will participate in community focused activities with the College’s Center for Public Service to explore the interrelations between the health of our environments, our bodies, and our communities. The final research project will provide recommendations for sustainable food policies in local communities.