The French Circle

This cultural group provides students with an overall cultural experience while they use their language skills above and beyond the classroom. Students listen, speak and discuss in French, working to move beyond the linguistic barrier and reach a cultural dimension. They engage with French culture through a wide range of topics: history, economics, geography, social issues, and human relationships.

Activities presented by " le cercle français"  include:

  • Le film français: French movies (subtitled in English) are shown weekly. 
    Thursdays at 7:00 pm, McKnight Hall
    View films that will be shown this semester

  • Le Journal: Students meet to explore news through the French media. Broadcast news is taped from the public channel, analyzed by the French T.A., who provides the students with the keys elements needed for a full understanding of the reports: political, historical, economical and cultural elements, and vocabulary. The written French press, such as " Le Monde" is also used for comparison.
    Mondays at 6:00 pm

  • Le goûter (the snack): Students visit the French T.A.'s house for a snack in a relaxed atmosphere, and socialize in French. Every other Tuesday at 3.30pm

  • La table française: Faculty and students gather for lunch and conversation. Only French is spoken here!
    • After dessert, the group enjoys a French or a Francophone* singer or a band, translated by the T.A. -- taking students beyond the textbook to discover current "argot", or slang, used by their French contemporaries.

      (*francophone: relating to any country or region outside of France where French is spoken - such as Vietnam, Morocco, Senegal and Quebec, Lebanon and Belgium. In all, there are 150 million French speakers throughout the world).

      every other Wednesday at noon
  • Les excursions: These French-focused field trips include plays, exhibits and dinners in Harrisburg, Baltimore or Washington DC. Some events are in conjunction with the French Embassy and the Alliance Française. plays, nice French restaurants, exhibitions, currently playing films, opportunities that aim at a better insight of the French culture, and allowing them to be in contact with the language as much as possible. The proximity to the nation's capital and the French ambassadorial presence is taken advantage of during the 4-6 trips of the year.