French Programs

The department offers a French Major and Minor.

All majors spend at least one semester studying abroad; other students are also encouraged to take advantage of Gettysburg College's Study Abroad opportunity.

Find out more about our programs, explore the courses offered, and meet our faculty.

Study Abroad Experience
Marina Crouse

Marina CrouseMy semester in Nantes, France was a magical one. Living with a host family was a unique experience and I learned so much from just living "the French Life" and spending my days talking about life with my host parents. I learned how to communicate when I didn't always know the right word, how to trust myself when trying to navigate a new city, and how to approach life from a different point of view. My only regret was having to leave that wonderful country where I had grown so much in four short months.

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Learn more about the French Department

For Professor Florence Ramond Jurney, the French Department at Gettysburg College is strong and offers a multifaceted approach to French Studies.  Indeed, with six full-time faculty and a French Teaching Assistant coming from a Francophone country, the French Department offers a variety of courses covering a number of topics of interests to students: literature, cinema, women studies, postcolonial studies, and contemporary society and culture from an anthropological perspective are only a few of the options offered to students.

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