Foreign language study not only teaches students much about their native tongue, but also introduces them to another people's language, literature, and customs. This awareness of cultural and linguistic relativity is one of the hallmarks of a liberal arts education.

Introductory and Intermediate French courses develop students' skills in spoken and written French and acquaint them with the literature and culture of the French- speaking world. Advanced language study allows the student to reach the higher level of mastery in French required in more specialized study and usage.

In the more advanced literature, film and civilization courses, students study French writing and culture in greater depth, thereby gaining considerable knowledge of and insight into France's past and present achievements in all fields of endeavor. Students at all levels of French are encouraged to study abroad, either in the College-sponsored programs at the Institute of IES in Nantes or Paris or at CIEE in Dakar, Senegal, or in another approved program, as an inestimable enhancement to their understanding of the country, its people, and its language. When students choose the College-sponsored course of study in Nantes, Paris, or Dakar, both credits and grades are transferred and financial aid may be applied to participation in the program.

Students specializing in French will find that their major studies, in addition to their humanistic value, afford sound preparation for graduate study and for careers in teaching or interpreting. But a knowledge of French will also be invaluable to them in the fields of international business and government, medicine, science or technology.

In The Economist, Robert Lane Green explains that "if you want another truly global language, there are surprisingly few candidates, and for [him] French is unquestionably top of the list.” Read more