Award-winning teacher Prof. Martin Kley

German Prof. Martin Kley won the Student Senate Faculty Appreciation Award in 2009-only his second year on the Gettysburg College campus. The honor was no fluke: he previously earned a teaching-excellence award at the University of Texas.

Kley is nothing if not versatile. Topics of his courses have ranged from radical playwright Bertolt Brecht to Business German.

His scholarly writings run the gamut from labor studies, "Toward the Two-hour Work-Day: Weimar Anarchism and the Fight Against the Imposition of Labor" and "From Industrial to Post-Industrial Production-a Challenge for Working-Class Literature," to the movies, "German Romanticism Goes to Hollywood: Heinrich von Kleist's 'On the Puppet Theater' and Being John Malkovich."

Kley is as good at learning languages as teaching them. A native speaker of German, he has mastered English to a near-native level. His Russian is advanced, his Italian intermediate. He completed graduate-level coursework in Slavic at Middlebury College.

He earned his doctorate in Germanic Studies at the University of Texas in Austin. At the University of Pittsburg, he earned a certificate in cultural studies and a master's in Germanic studies. Kley's Magister Zwischenpruefung degree in German literature and philosophy is from the University of Augsburg.