GS Speaker Panel: Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) Issues Worldwide

On Tuesday April 23, 2013 Globalization Studies co-sponsored a panel focusing on water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) issues worldwide. The panel described the ways that WASH issues are connected to global environment and health problems and discussed some of the ways that we can take action. The panel consisted of three speakers: Professor Eileen Stillwaggon, Professor Paul Carrick, and Gettysburg Alumna Jackie Powell. 

Professor Stillwaggon works in the economics department at Gettysburg College and focuses on the economics of global health issues in the developing world. Her speech on the WASH panel described the health problems caused by inadequate hygiene and sanitation and lack of access to clean water. She also noted the extremely low economic cost of addressing WASH issues and improving lives. Professor Carrick teaches philosophy at Gettysburg College, and focused his discussion on history and ethics behind WASH, discussing the reasons why people have historically been motivated to address WASH issues. Finally, Jackie Powell discussed the importance of WASH issues and described some of her personal experience with WASH, working to implement WASH projects for two years in the Guatemalan Highlands and now serving as the research associate at the WASH Advocates organization in Washington, DC.

Students from a variety of academic disciplines, including globalization studies, environmental studies, and health sciences, attended the panel, and left with a greater understanding of WASH and its effect on our world.

The speaker panel was filmed and the video posted on YouTube.