History Department, Gettysburg College, Gettysburg, PA 17325

Sabbatical address 2011-2012: 102 W. San Francisco St., Ste. 20, Santa Fe, NM 87501




Ph.D. University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM (2000), History.

Specialization: Latin American History; Minor: Anthropology.

Dissertation passed with distinction: "Negotiated Settlements: Native Amazonians and Portuguese Policy in Pará, Brazil, 1758-1798."

M.A. University of Chicago, Chicago, IL (1984), Art History.

B.A. Colorado College, Colorado Springs, CO (1978), History.



Associate Professor, History Department, Gettysburg College (fall 2007—present).

Assistant Professor, History Department, Gettysburg College (fall 2001—fall 2007).

Visiting Assistant Professor, Gustavus Adolphus College, St. Peter, MN (fall 2000, Jan. 2001).



Assistant Editor, The Americas: A Quarterly Review of Inter-American Cultural History

(June 2007—present).

Chair, Brazilian Studies Committee, Conference on Latin American History (2011).

Coordinator, Latin American Studies Program, Gettysburg College (July 2006—July 2010).



Mellon Grant, Central Pennsylvania Consortium (2009).

Johnson Center for Creative Teaching, Gettysburg College (2004, 2009).

Research and Professional Development Grants, Gettysburg College (2002, 2003, 2008).

Center for New World Comparative Studies Fellowship, John Carter Brown Library (2005).

Fundação Luso-Americana para o Desenvolvimento, Biblioteca Nacional, Lisbon, Portugal (2002).

Ph.D. Fellowship, Latin American Institute, University of New Mexico (1996-97, 1997-98).

Fulbright Grant, Student Program, dissertation research in Brazil (1995-1996).





“Why Joanna Baptista Sold Herself into Slavery: Indian Women in Portuguese Amazonia, 1755-1798,” Slavery & Abolition (forthcoming).

“Cracking Down on the Cunhamenas: Renegade Amazonian Traders under Pombaline Reform,” Journal of Latin American Studies 38, no. 4 (2006): 767-791.

“Cupid on the Amazon: Sexual Witchcraft and Society in Late-Colonial Pará, Brazil,” Colonial Latin American Historical Review 12, no. 4 (2003, in print 2006): 415-46.

“Colony of the Sertão: Amazonian Expeditions and the Indian Slave Trade,” in “Rethinking Bandeirismo Studies in Colonial Brazil,” ed. John Russell-Wood, The Americas 61, no. 3 (2005): 401-428.


Chapters in Edited Volumes

“Adquirindo e defendendo os privilégios concedidos pela Coroa no Norte do Brasil,” trans. Ana Letícia Fauri, in Raízes do Privilégio: hierarquia e mobilidade social no mundo ibérico do Antigo Regime, orgs. Rodrigo Bentes Monteiro, et al., 618-38 (Rio de Janeiro: Civilização Brasileira, 2011).

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“The Amazonian Native Nobility in Late-Colonial Pará” in Native Brazil: Beyond the Cannibal and the Convert, 1500-1899, ed. Hal Langfur (Albuquerque: University of New Mexico Press, forthcoming).

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Project Member, Researcher

“A presença da Inquisição na Amazônia colonial,” Centro de memória da Amazônia, Universidade Federal do Pará. Online database of Inquisition cases from the Tribunal do Santo Ofício de Lisboa, Arquivo Nacional da Torre do Tombo, Lisbon, Portugal:


Selected Book Reviews:

Book Review of The Forbidden Lands: Colonial Identity, Frontier Violence, and the Persistence of Brazil’s Eastern Indians, 1750-1830, by Hal Langfur, and Landscapes of Power and Identity: Comparative Histories in the Sonoran Desert and the Forests of Amazonia from Colony to Republic, by Cynthia Radding. Ethnohistory 55 (Fall 2008): 701-5.

Book Review of The Human Tradition in Modern Brazil, ed. Peter M. Beattie. The Americas 62 (July 2005): 127-128.

Book Review of Amazonia: Territorial Struggles on Perennial Frontiers, by Paul E. Little. The Americas 60 (July 2003): 141-42.

Book Review of Indigenous Struggle at the Heart of Brazil: State Policy, Frontier Expansion, and the Xavante Indians, 1937-1988, by Seth Garfield. H-LatAm, H-Net Reviews (June 2002), = 91131033965489.




“Indians in Colonial Amazonia: Nobility, Community, and Migration in the Portuguese Captaincy of Pará, Brazil, 1758-1798”

“Alliance in Northwestern Amazonia and the Eighteenth-Century Indian Slave Trade”

Facsimile edition (with introduction, indices, and map): “A população das capitanias do Estado do Pará e Rio Negro, de 1778 / 1778: The Captaincies of Pará and Rio Negro” (Universidade Federal do Pará, Belém, Pará, Brazil).