What’s in a name? Avery Lentz '14 discovers he has deep historical roots

"I have a Pennsylvania Bucktail and a North Carolina Tarheel in my family history, both of whom fought at Gettysburg."

What’s in a name?

Shakespeare asked that question with regards to a rose, but in the last year Avery Lentz '14 found himself asking that question about his own name and was surprised to learn that it holds a lot of history.

A few years ago, Lentz looked up his last name in a Civil War database registry to see if anything would come back. The results were surprising.

“Private Henry Lentz lived in Tioga County at the time he was recruited into Company C by Alfred J. Sofield. The Lentz family is on my mother’s side of the family and she told me that the Lentz family lived in Tioga County at the time of the Civil War before moving south to Lycoming County in the late Nineteenth Century, where I live now,” Lentz wrote in a blog post on the Civil War Institute blog, The Gettysburg Compiler.

When Lentz came to Gettysburg College, he had the resources and time to dig in and find out more. He discovered that in fact one of his ancestors is Henry Lentz of the 149th Pennsylvania Volunteers. As a history major with an interest in the Civil War, Lentz was in awe of this historical connection.

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