Amy Lucadamo ’00 returns as the new archivist at Gettysburg College

“The first class visit to Special Collections that I was a part of was Dr. Birkner's Historical Methods,” said Lucadamo.  “It was in that class that I first fell in love with the idea of ‘doing history’.”

Amy Lucadamo graduated from Gettysburg College in 2000 as a history major and has worked as an archivist at various places, such as Villanova University School of Law.  Lucadamo was recently hired to be the new archivist at Gettysburg College.  “It has been interesting to come back and work at a place that is so familiar, yet has changed a lot,” said Lucadamo.  “For example, the Musselman Library smells exactly the same way that it did when I was a student, but where I now work every day on the fourth floor was where I used to come and listen to Spanish on cassette for classes in my freshman year!”

As an archivist, Lucadamo has many responsibilities in Special Collections. She cares for the College’s manuscript collections and records and connects them with researchers. For instance, Lucadamo works with donors to accept new material for the collection and with student workers who help process donations. Additionally, Lucadamo assists researchers who either come into Special Collections in person or who contact Special Collections by email or over the telephone.

Lucadamo was very excited to return to the Gettysburg College campus.  “The History Department has grown a lot since I was a student and Special Collections has changed enormously,” said Lucadamo.  “There is much more interaction with our department and students who are working on projects for classes. Being a part of such a unique resource for current students is a great feeling.”