We want to bring university researchers and secondary teachers together to ask fundamental questions about world history, to have focused discussion about those questions, and to offer some training in how to use instructional technology to improve pedagogy.  Throughout the week members of our faculty and instructional technology department will be available to help create lessons based in our discussions.  For one week, we want to create a community of minds engaged in the conversation about how to best approach world history and teach it effectively.

When this course is completed, the participants will be expected to have:

  • Increased their knowledge of world history as a disciplinary field
  • Expanded their understanding of the creation of historical narratives and effective presentation
  • Supplemented the primary source material available to them for instruction
  • Engaged in new ways to conceptualize and present world history themes and content
  • Gained new understanding of and competence in using instructional technology
  • Made significant contacts with others who make up the world history community

    Eisenhower Institute Dinner
    Some of our 2011 teachers joined the Eisenhower Academy participants and had a lovely dinner with Susan Eisenhower