The Department of Health Sciences aspires to be a nationally recognized program for the preparation of future health professionals within a liberal arts curriculum. Through the use of state-of-the-art classrooms, laboratories, and equipment, an understanding and appreciation of the human body in health and disease is cultivated. Varied experiences both in and out of the classroom prepare our students to be highly competitive in health-related academic and professional settings. As dedicated faculty members, we model a collaborative educational environment through close personal interaction with our colleagues and students. We believe this type of atmosphere creates a synergy that optimizes our collective resources. We value our students and their important role within the educational process and we demonstrate this by being approachable in and out of class, by being accessible in our offices and laboratories, and by being respectful and professional at all times. We make every effort to remain current and up to date regarding the latest developments in the dynamic field of health science. We seek to pass our desire to be lifelong learners onto those who interact with us and we demonstrate this through active participation in the college and our professional organizations.