Education Policy and Social Equity


Education Policy and Social Equity centers on education policy, with a specific interest in providing an equitable school environment for all students. The major examines the educational achievement gap. Evidence from a class in Social Foundations of Education class has shown that the public education system in this country has been inconsistent in benefiting students of different backgrounds for quite some time; therefore it is of real interest to examine what is causing that failure. The student has two goals for this major. First, she wants to study the causes of the achievement gap, the difference between how well low-income and minority students perform on standardized tests as compared with their peers, by investigating the effects of social factors such as income level, race, ethnicity, language, and mental disabilities on educational achievement. Second, she wants to propose solutions to close the achievement gap. Ultimately she would like to change the curriculum so that students learn the importance of community and develop into mature adults who make decisions that help others as well as benefit themselves.

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Graduation year: 2014