Film and Screenwriting Studies


This major covers the study of the history, theory, and forms of film, and focuses on the practice of writing specifically for the screen. By combining writing courses with those in film and media studies, the major provides not only the fundamentals of both creative writing and film, but also how to write about film, through an interdisciplinary study program. The major has enabled this student to explore the nuances of different genres, create a variety of complex characters, and thoroughly research the mannerisms of people and social movements in order to write realistic adapted pieces. She hopes to study film in graduate school.

Related Courses:

FILM 101 Intro to Film and Film Studies
FILM 220 Video Production
FILM 250 History of World Cinema, 1895-1945
FILM 252 Film Aesthetics and Analysis
FILM 270 Topics in Film - Screenwriting
FILM 450 Individualized Study - tutorial - screenplay
FILM 350 Topics Seminar in Film Theory: Hitchcock
FILM 375 Comparative National Cinemas
SOC 204 Sociology of Mass Media and Popular Culture
ENG 309 Topics in Writing
FILM 251 History of World Cinema 1945-Present
IDS 464 Indivualized Study - Research

Graduation year: 2014