The U.K. in Europe


The U.K. in Europe focuses on the United Kingdom, in the many aspects that are incorporated into what affects a society:  writing, history, religious views, philosophies, neighboring cultures, etc. Rather than limiting her focus with a major in only History, English, or Globalization Studies, in order to become a more knowledgeable and well-rounded teacher of Social Studies and English this student has fashioned a more complete scope of courses into one major. Each class relates to the others, and the whole supports a focus on that one area of the world in all of the aspects that affect its culture.

The goal and conclusion of this major will be the implementation of these studies into the classroom during student teaching. It should help to create a full and diverse curriculum where students will get the full scope of information about British history and literature. This curriculum will create a way for a new exciting method of presenting information and will diverge from the normal, monotonous way of learning in a classroom.

Related Courses:

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EDUC 414 Internship in Social Studies Education
ENG 299 Critical Methods
IDS 464 Individualized Study
HIST 303 Topics in European History
REL 267 Medieval Christianity
HIST 312 Britain, Nation & Empire
POL 260 West European Politics
ENG 336 Romanticizing History
PHIL 207 Early Modern European Philosophy
ASE Jane Austen in Bath
ASE Wonderlands: British Fantasy Writing 

Graduation year: 2014