Human Rights and Justice in the U.S.


This major explores the theme of human rights and justice, within the framework of a liberal arts education in American Studies. Social studies teachers are asked to teach students the impact of citizenship, and the courses in this major comprise the varied history of America in this regard.

The history courses in the major relate the concept of inequalities, rights, and justice throughout the course of history to the ways in which the people of each specific time period were affected. Law courses were included to present issues of human rights and criminal justice. Philosophy courses look at human rights and justice from a different angle.

Related Courses:

EDUC 209 Foundations of Education
EDUC 306 Teaching Social Studies
EDUC 414 Internship in Social Studies Education
POL 225 Constitution Law
HIST 300 Historical Methods
LAW 251 American Trial or Law in Film
LAW 250 Criminal Justice
HIST 349 United States since 1945
POL 322 Civil Rights and Liberties
PHIL 222 Philosophical Perspectives on Justice
AFS 267 Race, Gender, and the Law
IDS 464 Individualized Study

Graduation year: 2014