Kaitlin Molloy '11: Advocating Change

The major I designed was Disability, Education, and Advocacy. One thing that has really helped me is to have a 30 second "elevator speech" prepared on my major so that I can explain my major, my thesis, and what I did with it. Because my major is so unique, people are going to follow up with a "what's that?" when you tell them your major. It's a really great way to get a conversation going. For instance, in orientation, they asked who had the most interesting major- I came in second, behind the counter-terrorism guy.

Ideally, I would like to go into college-university level disability services. I need a graduate degree in order to do this, so after I left Gettysburg I did some job exploration to figure out what degree would make the most sense for me. I used my Gettysburg and family connections to do job shadows with a variety of people and informational interviews.

I interned for 8 months at the Public Interest Law Center of Philadelphia. I worked primarily on special education cases in the school district of Philadelphia, but I also did some work on the case against the PA Voter ID Law. I am currently a 1L at the Earle Mack School of Law at Drexel University, and should graduate with my JD in 2015.