MEIS Minor Requirements

  • Proficiency at the 102 level in Arabic or another approved language.
  • Six elective MEIS courses, including no more than two language courses. These six electives can include no more than two courses from a student’s major and no more than two courses from off-campus study.

The minor requires tested language proficiency, not necessarily coursework at Gettysburg College. All students must take six courses toward the minor; however, these courses may be different for students at different language proficiency levels.


Amy Young EvrardMiddle East and Islamic Studies is an exciting and important field of study, now more than ever. With the United States heavily involved militarily, economically, and politically in the Middle East, we have a duty to understand more about this region and the peoples who live there. Middle East Studies allows us to interrogate our assumptions about those who live in the greater Middle East region, their cultures and languages, their histories, their identities, how they experience the world in which they live, and a host of other topics. Islamic Studies is also of crucial importance because Islam seems to be a poorly-understood and vilified religion throughout the world. The U.S. is an important Muslim country, with a population of some 5 million Muslims and a great number of important scholarly and reformist analyses of Islamic texts and practices being published here. An American liberal arts education therefore cannot be complete without the inclusion of MEIS. On a more personal level, I find MEIS fascinating and fun. Since beginning to learn about Islam and the Arab world almost 20 years ago, I have been captivated by the larger Islamic world: its rich history, beautiful literature and art, gorgeous and varied climates and landscapes, and the most hospitable peoples in the world.

- Amy Young Evrard