What the Peace and Justice Studies Minor Does

Provides for a systematic study of peace and justice in an age characterized by division, violence, and global poverty.

Encourages students to see the connections between global analyses of peace and justice and personal behavior.

Gives students hands-on experience in conflict resolution and justice work through service learning opportunities.

Prepares students for positions in non-profit, public service, and non-government organizations.

Offers a course of study that attracts Gettysburg College students with passions for peace and social justice.

Creates a niche for exciting possibilities for study abroad, internships, service learning opportunities, and innovative courses.

Trains in analytical skills, methods, and knowledge that promotes understanding of the causes of and remedies for interpersonal and international conflict.

Encourages habits such as tolerance, empathy, and cooperation necessary for good national and global citizenship.

Forms skills that promote nonviolent conflict resolution in daily life.