Italian Studies Major and Minor

Learning Italian enriches one's capacity to think, empowers one to write more effectively, and solidifies one's understanding of language systems. As an undergraduate discipline, Italian Studies further opens the door to a country rich in art, music, literature, history, and cinematography. Essentially, it is an integral part of the liberal arts experience.

The Italian Studies program at Gettysburg College offers beginning and intermediate language learning, complemented by courses in Italian cinema and culture taught in English. Instructors provide dynamic, grammar-based oral activities that aim at communicative proficiency. Students master both passive (reading and comprehension) and active (speaking and writing) skills. Throughout this process, students are exposed to Italian film, web sites, contemporary events, music, and lifestyle. Study-abroad opportunities exist at all levels.

Study Abroad
The study abroad program in Italian language gives students at all levels of Italian the opportunity to spend the fall or spring semester in Ferrara, Italy. The program is sponsored by the Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE), and it allows students to complete our language requirement in one semester. Students who have completed Italian 102 or 202 at Gettysburg, as well as students who wish to major or minor in Italian Studies, have a true immersion experience and take all courses in Italian. Both credits and grades from the program will be transferred, and financial aid may be applied to participation.