Italian Studies

Major Requirements

Twelve (12) courses with the following distribution:

  • ITAL 201 and ITAL 202
  • Five (5) courses at the 300 or 400 level taught in Italian
  • Five (5) courses at the 200-400 level taught in English.
    *With the approval of the chair, one (1) of these five (5) courses may include a First Year Seminar with an Italian theme.
    *With the approval of the chair, two (2) of these five (5) courses may include courses with other departments taken in English at or above the 200 level that have an Italian theme.

Note: If a first-year or transfer student places into the 300 level upon admittance to Gettysburg College, the requirement for ITAL 201 and ITAL 202  above will be waved, and the student will need only ten (10) courses, outlined above, to obtain the Italian Studies Major.

Majors must take at least one 300 or 400 level course in Italian each semester beginning no later than their Junior year if they have not qualified to do so already. If a student completes an intensive combined 201 and 202 course abroad in the first semester of the sophomore year, he or she may take a 300 level course in the second semester of the sophomore year.

Majors must study at least one (1) semester in Italy prior to the Senior year. The Program will allow a maximum of three (3) courses from this study abroad experience to count toward the Italian Studies Major.

Three (3) courses at the 300 or 400 level taught in Italian and three (3) courses at the 200-400 level taught in English with an Italian theme must be taken at Gettysburg College. The Chair will specifically approve courses at this level taught by other faculty members outside of the department. All courses taken through CIEE in Ferrara, Syracuse University in Florence and Arcadia University in Perugia at these levels automatically qualify.

Majors in their Senior year will do extra work in 300 or 400 level courses regardless of whether or not a particular course is a capstone. The capstone course may be offered either in the fall or spring semester in a 300 or 400 level course taught in Italian.


Minor Requirements

The minor in Italian Studies consists of ITAL 201 and IT 202 plus five courses. Three of these five courses are core courses in Italian and two are electives in English.

Three Core Courses: Students choose any three core courses from the 300 or 400 level: Italian 301/401, 302/402, 303/403, 304/404, 306/406, 307/407, 309/409, 330/430, 350/450.

Two Elective Courses: These are courses with an Italian theme taught in English, and they may be chosen from classes offered within the Italian section (Italian 235, 250, 251, 260, 270, 275, 280, 285, 290, and 295) or in other departments (for instance, IDS 248, VAH 303 and 306)

No more than two courses taken abroad may count toward the minor. Courses with an Italian theme offered by other departments at Gettysburg (other than the ones listed above) may count toward electives with the approval of the department chair.

If a student begins her or his study of Italian at the 300-level, then she or he must take five more courses, three at the 300 or 400 level, and two elective courses at the 200 level taught in English.